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Rossana’s history is unique among high-end kitchen manufacturers; sixty years in the relentless pursuit of a dream. Not all brands are so close to design quality in the collective consciousness. Its strength is not exclusively limited to responding to market demands, but has undertaken independent research paths, always keeping up with the times. Unlike the general trend, Rossana kitchens are created to last: designed and built with meticulous attention to each and every detail, a type of haute couture that becomes prêt-à-porter.


Double-depth island where the combination of volumes among full and empty spaces creates a sequence of functional areas. The high and low thickness tops in warm Orizzonte Steel finishes leave room for the partition and the Trinity White stone table top with stratified extra-clear support. Steel vertical blades and Oak Thermo-treated panels are present in the base units and in the wall-mounted tall units.


Despite the identical appearance shared by K-IN and K-OUT, designed by architect Massimo Castagna, their construction criteria are in fact completely different, reflecting their use indoors or outdoors. This one-piece block with its stark profile is exclusively available as an island, in stone or wood, and comes in a variety of configurations, sizes and finishes. The model is raised high off the ground with a marked overhang above the support structures and plinths, resulting in a minimalist, almost primitive appearance. The large sliding tops which cover over the work areas of the kitchen can open in either direction, to transform the shape and size of the monolithic block the kitchen appears as when closed.


DC10 is a kitchen in the style of Vincenzo De Cotiis. More than the mere sum of its parts, it is an extraordinary, visionary creation. This design leans heavily towards contemporary art methods and the aesthetics of New Art Deco, being completely liberated from the homogeneity typical of traditional kitchen systems. Designed in 2010, the model consists of components put together in a strictly island-style block, with a customised design for each individual client. As it can be freely combined with the cabinet systems and accessories of the Rossana range, the kitchen does not come with its own wall units and cupboards.