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Attractive Italian kitchens bring together design culture and quality materials to exalt the international dimension of Italian-made furniture: a whirl-through atmosphere featuring exciting architecture.

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How to furnish the kitchens?

How to furnish the kitchens, how to create an open kitchen in the living room, where to place the cooking area in an environment, how to make the most of the spaces? Exir store has a variety of cabinets, faucets, and furniture with styles and suggestions to enhance and tips to beautify your home and kitchen.

The kitchen next to the living room is the choice of almost all young people, single or couple, but many people in their 50s and 60s like to share spaces and activities, open space for the living area, with an activity area and a relaxation area in They, prefer a single environment.

In the kitchen (and therefore in the living room in all cases where a single space is chosen for two functions) all the main activities are concentrated: lunch, dinner, gathering, rest and why not… work.

Therefore, in the kitchens section, you can see all the new, classic, modern, and luxury cabinet models in small or large compositions, with stone tops or industrial materials, separate or open and facing the living room, but also among all the production models Choose trends that are closer to your taste.
 A variety of materials for doors, table tops, and faucets are available in the market to match the kitchen, with objects and household items to suit all types of needs and budgets.

Therefore, in the space dedicated to projects, the ideas of our experts can help to solve difficult practical layouts and draw new solutions to make the most of every centimeter, create a kitchen in the living room or separate it.

Modern kitchens

Types of cabinets such as peninsula, wooden or artificial, industrial or minimalist style, colored or white, separate or integrated with the living environment, a smart, technological, and functional kitchen, meet many tastes and needs.

In this section, in particular, you can discover all the new trends, choose a kitchen that matches your home in both size and style, or find ideas for renovating and revitalizing it. Some cases focus on a specific aesthetic need (for example kitchen cabinets with grooved doors, suitable for a contemporary space, white or gray kitchens, with colored details, or simply coordinated with the living environment) or special needs. related to space problems (such as service in small kitchens, a kitchen with modules less than 60 cm deep, or with a sliding table that can be extended and save space.

Classic kitchens

The variety of definitions is not small: traditional, old style, old chic, vintage… all to show a warm and pleasant, and timeless style. The classic style does not go out of fashion but changes over time with the use of different finishes and colors. It continues to follow the trend of contemporary kitchens. Classic models with a wooden door and wood color and design or lacquered models, or new classics are always characterized by delicate and precise traditional lines.

What material should I choose for the kitchens?

One of the priorities of buying a kitchen cabinet is to choose materials that are resistant to heat, abrasion, or scratches, and most importantly, surfaces and table tops that are easy to clean and durable over time.

When you’re evaluating doors or countertops, it’s important to know the materials and finishes available, the price range, the technical specifications, and the differences—for example—between lacquer and laminate, so that you’re more informed about what you can buy. It allows you to first assess whether the thing you want to buy is durable and easy to maintain, or if it is delicate and needs special care.

To maintain beauty over time. What to choose? Marble, synthetic stone, or porcelain? Laminate and melamine or more creative materials?

Home appliances

Every year the homewares market offers interesting innovations and variations, especially if they are presented at trade fairs in Milan or Paris. Products that equip the home, kitchen, and bathroom, such as flower pots, table decorations, furniture, chandeliers, statues, beds, and bedroom furniture.

In this section, you can find tips for arranging the house, bathroom, and bedroom and ideas for children.

Faucets for kitchen and bathroom

Faucets are important members of the home and especially in the kitchen because comfort and satisfactory performance in washing depend on their careful selection. (not only about the quality of the materials but most importantly about the sizes and dimensions and proportions of one to the other).

There are various faucets in the market. But which faucet should we choose? While the coordination between the kitchen faucet and the bathroom faucet helps to make the house more beautiful.

Classic, modern, or luxury with semi-precious stones? What do you think about faucets made in Italy? There are many options: a faucet with a long neck pipe, a joint for better washing of all kinds of dishes, advanced and modern faucets, beautiful, functional, and low consumption, but durable and reliable and sometimes expensive!

Designing a functional kitchen

In small homes, the open-plan kitchen is often the hardest part to find a new layout.

To create an open kitchen in the living room or independently and separately, moving it from one point of the apartment to another. To optimize the space and create solutions to solve problems, Exir designers are ready for the most difficult challenges.

Renovating or changing the interior decoration of the house and kitchen requires many decisions. Accompanying the consultants of Exir Enterprise in all stages of work from idea to implementation and 3D rendering can create exciting results to your liking while removing the difficulty of choosing from your shoulders.

Exir Enterprise is working as an official representative of a group of the best Italian brands in Vancouver, Canada.

The variety of kitchen models, wardrobes, bathtubs, faucets, and home appliances with the best materials and exemplary elegance of Italian design, along with quality control and professional installation, guarantee the satisfaction of consumers.