Designed by Stefano cavazzana, Quari is Novello’s homage to its land: its reources and know-how. Venetian handicraft tradition is recalled, above all that of master glass-workers who processed frames in squared shapes named “Quari” to realize mirrors. Quari is a cross-cutting collection, suitable to contract and house projects. Design, functionality, comfort, materials and color palette shape long-lasting products which fit not only bathroom and living spaces but also hospitality environments.

Quari project rediscovers, promotes and enhances materials born form the tie between design and craftmanship. Quari hoghlights traditional handicraft experience, thus translating it into a contemporary solution which perfectly matches the demand for quality and uniqueness.

The wash-basins are made of Teknorit, available in two heights (15 or 22 centimeters) and their length can be customized. The wash-basin side leaning against the wall may show higher lip: an original volumetric solution which breaks and recrates the lines of the sink in a play of matching surfaces.

D’Art creative versatility drives the compositive rhythm of the modules. Front drawers show different manufacturing: flat door with groove handle; framed door with one centimetre embossed profile and upper side with hidden handle 25 mm thickness. Lastly, a plissé door with three-dimensional manufacture and frontal milling decoration. The same pattern may be repeated also on the front of the wash-basin. The juxtaposition of flat and plissé doors creates sophisticated aesthetic effects and pleasant tactile feelings. The hanging cabinets have been enriched with high and slim totemic elements which decorate the furniture and make it suitable for everyday use. The modules are available in wood and in many different lacquered colours, flat or plissé finish.

Great attention has been paid to bathroom accessories. Appealing and innovative shelves made of metal and wood can be equipped with a towel rail. They may be placed alone or in pairs; they can be installed on boiserie with backlighting. Compositional elements intersect the refined mirrors of the collection, thus creating a visual, harmonic dialogue.