EL – 224 | Essential shapes

When you live in Vancouver, a city that is often rainy and cloudy most days, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a comfortable and cozy living room with an ideal design. For our team that has been designing and decorating homes large and small for years, matching and harmonizing the Vancouver’s grayish-blue sky and the varied colors of Exir products is exactly what you need to enjoy in your home. The walls of the living room are the place that should be better designed and painted, otherwise they will make life monotonous and boring. Exir designs and interior decoration for your living room is a revolution that will impress you. Beauty is one thing, and the optimal use of space is another. That’s why we searched and turned over all European and American products so, we can give you the best design in any situation, and any corner of your living room. We will create the decoration and interior forms of your living room in such a way that all your corners and walls inspire the art of living and being alive. At Exir, we are working with the best European and American designers, and using the best Italian materials, to give you an unforgettable living room, even in your small spaces, at our affordable price.