KUBIC | Designed to be lightweight and robust

Exclusive patented technology for this toughened glass door, 100% recyclable and waterproof, designed to be lightweight and robust; lacquered aluminium back panel coordinated with the colour of the glass.

KUBIC Doors for base units, tall units and finishing panels in aluminium and mat ardesia glass. Mat ardesia lacquered aluminium groove profile, mat ardesia lacquered aluminium h.8 cm plinth. Th.20 mm top in Raven sand quartz. Hood integrated in the wall unit.

ANTIS Wall units in coal materia oak.

SPACE Black finish aluminium equipped back panel and back panel in coal materia oak, stainless steel clad cooking hob area.

E45 Open storage units in coal materia oak.

Absolute safety with this th.3 mm toughened glass door featuring a 33° cut on the handle side. The detail shows suspended base units with LED lights.

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